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EXU Art Gallery

EXU Art Gallery is a unique cultural space in the heart of San Ángel, Mexico City. It is located in Villa San Jacinto, an architectural gem that possesses the charm of an elegant country house from the late 19th century. This villa has been restored with an artistic and avant-garde vision while preserving its original splendor.

Founded in 2015, EXU Art Gallery offers an environment that blends tradition with artistic avant-garde. Its facilities create a welcoming atmosphere that is perfectly suited for exhibiting the finest works of contemporary art. The setting of Villa San Jacinto enhances the collections of EXU Art Gallery and provides an exceptional context for appreciating the work of established and emerging artists.

Our commitment is to provide a platform for talents that question conventions and create an enriching artistic dialogue. Through oil paintings, bronze sculptures, photography, and new forms of digital expression, EXU Art Gallery promotes a wide range of artistic manifestations that capture the challenging ideas and emotions of the contemporary world. Exploring our halls and venue, if done with careful attention and an open spirit, becomes a renewing experience that stimulates us to enjoy art through the eyes of talented creators.

We invite the growing community of art lovers to join us for our exhibitions, talks, and special events. Whenever possible, we will share information about our activities through social media or directly to your email.


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