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“LUZ EN EL PAISAJE” to be Showcased in a Temporary Expo at Lincoln Park (Polanco)

Galería EXU and Maestro Héctor Cruz García will present details from the exhibition “The Light in the Landscape” at Lincoln Park, located in the southern area of Polanco, currently showcased at our facilities.

What’s the expo about?

High-resolution prints of details from different artworks were made from photographs to appreciate landscapes, flowers, and agaves on a large scale.

Why Lincoln Park?

This park is one of the most emblematic and important in the Miguel Hidalgo district, with a history of almost a century (founded in 1938). It features the open-air theater Ángela Peralta, a playground, aviary, water mirrors, a clock tower, Nelson Mandela Cultural Space, a sculpture area, open-air temporary exhibitions, picnic areas, and exercise zones, as well as various activities happening on different days of the week. Additionally, it is surrounded by important hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, universities, and residential areas. Undoubtedly, this is the ideal place for culture and art, hosting exhibitions encompassing different themes for both locals and tourists to appreciate the artworks.

When to visit?

The exhibition “Luz en el Paisaje, Detalles de Obra” will last for one month, from February 4th to March 5th, 2024. It is free of charge and open throughout the day, at sunset, and at night, as each painting has individual lighting.

The inauguration will take place on Sunday, February 4th, at 12:30 pm, with free admission.

If you want to see the artworks of Maestro Héctor Cruz García in person, we invite you to visit Galería EXU.