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“Ventanas a la naturaleza”: A Journey Through Jorge Carral’s Hyperrealism

Mexico City, Friday, May 31, 2024 – Galería EXU is delighted to share with you the experience of the recent exhibition “Ventanas a la naturaleza” (Windows to Nature), a showcase of the talent of artist Jorge Carral, who transports us through his giclées and oil paintings to Mexican landscapes and natural settings with impressive realism.

More than 60 people, including family, friends, and the general public, gathered at the exhibition’s opening, where they enjoyed an atmosphere enlivened by live jazz music and delicious snacks.

We had the opportunity to converse with Jorge Carral, who delved into his artistic career and shared his impressions of the exhibition:

A Leap into Passion

While Jorge Carral has extensive experience in the business world, ranging from architecture to advertising, seven years ago he decided to take a radical turn in his life to dedicate himself fully to his true passion: painting.

“I’ve always liked to draw and paint… As a child, I would scribble on notebooks and paint walls, and then I ventured into abstract art following tutorials on YouTube. It wasn’t until a friend asked me for a painting in the style of Diego Rivera that I delved into landscape painting, and since then I have fallen in love with it.”

Jorge Carral

Nature as Muse

The exhibition “Ventanas a la naturaleza” is a reflection of Jorge’s fascination with Mexican landscapes. Each piece invites us to contemplate the beauty and majesty of our country, from the imposing mountains to the tranquil beaches.

“All my works have a special meaning for me,” confesses Jorge.

A Meticulous and Passionate Process

Jorge Carral works with great dedication and precision on each of his works. To achieve the realism that characterizes his style, he can dedicate up to three and a half months to the creation of a single piece.

“Painting for me is a professional job,” says Jorge. “I get up early and work from 8 to 8, like any other job. I really enjoy the creative process, especially when the work starts to take shape and I feel like I’m there, in the landscape.”

“My biggest dream is to become a nationally and internationally recognized painter, and to be able to share the beauty of Mexico’s landscapes with the world,” Jorge tells us.

Jorge Carral has found in painting the personal and professional fulfillment he so longed for. His work invites us to reflect on the beauty of our natural environment and to appreciate Mexico’s artistic wealth.

Without a doubt, Jorge Carral is an artist with exceptional talent and an inspiring career. We wish him many successes in his journey and hope to continue enjoying his art in future exhibitions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Ventanas a la naturaleza” at Galería EXU and let yourself be captivated by Jorge Carral’s hyperrealism. Until August 2024. Free admission.